About the Project

The reconstruction project begins at Holly Ave and extends easterly along CR 251 to the intersection with CR 250 and Metz Lane. The project then extends southerly along CR 250 until connecting with the previously constructed roadway improvements (see project area map below).

This stretch of roadway is considered a main arterial road in Durango and experiences some of the higher traffic volumes in the city. As with many roads in and around Durango, traffic volumes are increasing, as well as pedestrian and multimodal travel. As a result, the community has identified the increased benefit of more urban city street amenities along this corridor which will provide for greater traffic safety, aesthetics and accommodations for pedestrians, bikes and multimodal traffic.

Through funding from the Joint Sales Tax Fund, the City of Durango and La Plata County are redesigning County Road 250 and 251 to create safer opportunities for pedestrian and multimodal traffic. The current cost for the project is estimated at $8.8 million. The City and La Plata County have agreed to pay $4.4 million each, not including contingencies or construction management costs. The Joint Sales Tax Fund is being used for this project because the project area contains portions of roadway both inside and outside city limits.

image of project area

CR 251 (32nd St) and CR 250 road closures will impact traffic through the project construction.