Key Dates

Wednesday, April 03, 2024 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Public Forum to Meet Police Chief Candidates

Come meet the City of Durango Police Chief candidates. Meet and greet will be 5:30-6:30 followed by a moderated town hall with questions for the candidates from 6:30-7:30. The forum will be held at City Council Chambers, located in City Hall at 949 E. 2nd Ave. Spanish interpretation will be available. Live online viewing will be available.

The City of Durango is inviting the community to meet the Police Chief candidates and submit questions for candidates to answer during the public forum. Questions must be submitted in advance of the forum to be considered. Please review the candidates below, and submit questions at the bottom of this page.

Candidates (in alphabetical order)

Candidate Bios

Jeffrey Bert began his law enforcement career with the Los Angeles Police Department in 1996. He served the residents of Los Angeles for the next 24 years working a variety of operational assignments including patrol, investigations, narcotics, vice, and various administrative assignments including Youth Programs, Legal Affairs, Public Information Officer, and the Department Risk Manager. Bert wrote the department’s Strategic Plan, the Response to Homelessness Policy, and a variety of other policies that continue to guide the men and women of the LAPD. Bert’s most rewarding assignment was as a Police Commander over Community Policing and Policy Group. In this capacity, Bert professionalized youth programs, primarily serving underprivileged youth and their families to ensure they had access to after-school activities, tutoring, and college scholarships.

In July 2020, Bert honorably retired from the LAPD to become the Chief of Police for the City of Tomball, Texas where he serves today. In his tenure, the Tomball Police Department received accreditation through the Texas Police Chiefs Association, created a Community Policing Unit and a K-9 Unit, and reduced crime and traffic collisions year over year. He leads a dedicated team of incredible officers and civilians who protect the city of Tomball with a particular focus on serving the most vulnerable populations. Chief Bert lives in Tomball with his wife, Stacy, and their youngest daughter. He and Stacy have four incredible daughters and way too many cats and dogs. Jeffrey holds a Master’s Degree in Dramatic Literature from King’s College, London, and a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature from University of Colorado Boulder.

Dr. Ron Camacho is an accomplished law enforcement executive with 29 years of experience, 16 of which were in managerial positions. He is a highly requested speaker and nationally published author on the topics of leadership, management, recruitment, retention, mentorship and workplace violence.

Ron has international experience, formerly as a law enforcement advisor and program manager in Afghanistan and Mexico. He spent a year in Mexico as the deputy program manager on a State Department police training contract. His duties included supervising the development of police-related courses for Federal and State Mexican law enforcement officers, ensuring the classes were delivered to a high standard. Additionally, he was responsible for the safety and security of all company employees living, teaching, and traveling within Mexico. This included threat assessments and risk mitigation of their travels and living situations.

He graduated from the FBI National Academy, 239th session, and was named one of Police Magazine's Innovated Law Enforcement Leaders in 2023. He has a Doctorate in Criminal Justice from Penn West University, is an executive coach for Performance Protocol, and is a lead instructor for the Homefront Protective Group. Ron owns Camacho Consulting, a company that helps public and private sector companies solve their leadership, management, and security issues. For the last seven-plus years, He has served as the Chambersburg (Pennsylvania) Chief of Police, a PLEAC-accredited agency.

I am currently serving as Deputy Chief and have 22 years of law enforcement experience all with the Farmington Police Department. I have a master's degree in Public Safety from the University of Virginia. I also attended the FBI National Academy and have 7 years in upper administrative positions. I spearheaded the development and technological evolution of a Real Time Crime Center through government collaboration to provide situational awareness and increase crime solvability. I was responsible for crafting leading edge policies, to include rewriting Use of Force policies in 2017 based upon best practices. I know the value and importance of community policing and actively engaging with citizens, businesses and civic groups we serve as law enforcement leaders. I understand the importance of forward-thinking, comprehensive and advanced training, and having a vision of safety and security for the city and all who reside or visit. Additionally, I am committed to focused and purposeful leadership development of today’s officers so that we can continue to move Durango Police Department’s service oriented excellence into the future. Finally, as a long time area resident I love the outdoors, enjoy rural farming and cattle ranch life with my wife of 27 years and our five children.

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” My perspective began to shift as an undercover narcotics agent with the San Juan County Sheriff's Office in New Mexico, when I was taught invaluable lessons about the complexity of human nature and the importance of compassion in policing. I spent countless hours in close quarters with individuals who, at first glance, were on the opposite side of the law. However, as I delved deeper into their stories, I understood their circumstances.

In my current role as Deputy Chief of the Durango Police Department, I've aimed to bring a fresh perspective, one that balances the rigors of law enforcement with a genuine concern for the well-being of the community and the officers. My approach has been to prioritize safety while maintaining a deep understanding of the human element involved. Balancing these aspects means acknowledging the necessity of enforcing city ordinances while also striving to support and uplift those in need. This philosophy is central to my efforts in addressing community issues, aiming to foster a sense of trust and cooperation.

Reflecting on my career, from the days spent undercover, followed by over two decades of leadership positions, I am reminded of the ever-evolving nature of policing and the importance of adaptability, empathy, and innovation. My dedication to serving with integrity and respect continues to evolve and deepen with each passing day.

I began my policing career in 2000 with Salt Lake City Police Department in Utah and ended with Riverton Police Department in 2023. My career has been filled with extraordinary opportunities. My fondest memory being accepted to, experiencing, and graduating from the 285th Session of the FBI National Academy. Throughout my career I was fortunate to experience policing as an officer for 10 years where I was a patrol officer, narcotics detective, bicycle officer and a community intelligence detective. As a sergeant, I worked with a squad in patrol, bicycle patrol, property crimes detectives, and training. As the training sergeant, I was responsible for the SLCPD/Utah Police Officer Standards and Training Academy and for training our officers. As a lieutenant, I worked in watch command. I was the lead over secondary employment. I was the lieutenant for Motors and, with them, commanded events such as parades, festivals, and races. I also commanded the Public Order Unit and was the commander for many First Amendment activities. I revamped the phlebotomy program and started the bicycle officer program in the public parks. I was a lead officer for the University of Utah, Utah Jazz, and the Salt Lake Bees. As a Deputy Chief, I wrote and implemented policy, was over detectives, recruitment and hiring, school resource officers, Patrol, secondary employment, events, traffic and motors.